Hello Everyone!

My name is Prathamesh Jaju, I am an Amateur Astronomer and Astrophotography from Pune, India. I was fascinated by the wonders of our universe ever since I was 8. I used to watch movies and tv shows related to space and science like StarTrek, Star Wars and many others all the time! To learn more about astronomy and astrophotography, I joined an astronomy club called Jyotirvidya Parisanstha which is India's oldest amateur astronomer association, after being a member for a while I volunteer for the same. I have been practising Astrophotography since 2018 back when I was 13 years old. After a year into astrophotography my uncle gifted me his Skywatcher 150P with an EQ3-2 mount. I have been taking photos of the night sky and the celestial objects for the past few years and I have been trying my best to enhance my processing skills and learn new techniques to make my images look better.⁠⁠ Besides Astronomy & Astrophotography, I have been playing Athletics - Long Jump since 2012 from Deccan Gymkhana. I have participated for the National Level Competitions in Long Jump in 2019. My hobbies besides astrophotography are reading, trekking, listening to rock music, sipping coffee everywhere I go and watching intriguing Tv shows and Movies as much as I can. I derive all of my passion from SLEEP. Thank you & I hope you all enjoy my work.